Surgical robot performs a first on ISS | Increasing government transparency with AI

Surgical robot performs first surgery on ISS

LINCOLN, NE—A tiny robot known as spaceMIRS, developed by engineers at The University of Nebraska, has completed its first surgery demo in zero gravity. The robot performed operations on simulated tissue on the International Space Station while being remotely operated by surgeons from about 250 miles below in Lincoln. The robot’s success could have implications for successful long-term human space travel.

AR device helps astronauts with treating a crew member

NASHVILLE, TN—If your spaceship doesn’t have the budget for a robot, there’s hope in another form. New tech out of Nashville-based Amalgamated Vision helps an astronaut who is trying to diagnose or treat a crew member for a medical problem. The company has made a head-mounted XR display that offers a unique laser beam scanning (LBS) pancake lens optical engine for augmented reality (AR). In 2023, the company won SBIR funding to work with NASA to help with remote medical care, and Launch Tennessee matched a portion of that funding.

4 startups chosen for OhioXcelerate’s second cohort

COLUMBUS, OH—Ohio’s statewide startup pitch competition, OhioXcelerate, has announced the four startups chosen for its second cohort. This year’s selection represents advancements across healthcare, sports digital, energy storage, and wound care technology. The startups were selected from over 35 applications and associated with 33 entrepreneurial support groups nationwide.

Increasing government transparency with AI

ST. LOUIS, MO—Artificial intelligence has its detractors but I think we all have to agree that an AI product that increases government transparency deserves its day in the sun. Hello Citizen, created by John Stamm, the former chief of staff for Kansas City Mayor Quenton Lucas, uses AI to listen in on the meetings of local government and will send a succinct report with all the highlights.