A plant-based egg substitute | Purdue researchers target tumor cells

A plant-based egg substitute

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Puris, a pea-protein manufacturer, has debuted AcreMadea plant-based egg substitute that comes in powder form and can be scrambled, cooked, or baked. The product, which is safe for those who suffer from several top allergens, comes in a resealable, eco-friendly package.

Purdue researchers develop a tumor-destroying degrader

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN—Working to target tumor cells, researchers at Purdue University’s College of Pharmacy have developed a small-molecule degrader that can target the TC-PTP enzyme and delete it. Deleting TC-PTP could promote antigen presentation that alerts the immune system to the presence of tumor cells. The loss of the enzyme may also stimulate the reproduction of T cells, which direct immune cells to destroy tumors.

Winnow AI acquired by national company

NASHVILLE, IN—Winnow AI, the company that created an AI platform that uses predictive analytics to help source, recruit, and retain health care workers, has been acquired by Aya Healthcare, a company in San Diego that has a national reach. The AI platform is meant to address the historic provider shortage, one that is expected to increase over the next decade. Winnow’s AI model identifies the best predictive matches for each open role and surfaces relationships of potential candidates with existing providers.

Foresight helps lenders evaluate investment potential

KANSAS CITY, MO—After hearing from many startups that are denied loans, Jannae Gammage founded Foresight, which uses AI to help lenders evaluate the investment potential of small businesses looking for startup loans. Now the company is set to formally launch next month after raising $2 million in seed money. Intrust Bank chose the company to be its pilot customer at the NXTSTAGE Financial Tech Pilot Competition. The company also received $100,000 from Northwestern Mutual under its Black Founders Accelerator program, and a $50,000 grant from Launch KC.

Raleigh’s Curi acquires majority stake in Chicago investment firm

RALEIGH, NC–Curi, a Raleigh healthcare advisory firm, has reached an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Chicago-based investment firm RMB Capital. As part of the agreement, the financial advisory business unit, Curi Capital, will combine with RMB, creating an entity with $11 billion in assets under management. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.