Nonprofits on the rise and so is the tech used to operate them

Nonprofits on the rise and so is the tech used to operate them

COLUMBUS, OH—You know that the number of nonprofits in the U.S. is on the rise in the U.S. when Microsoft gets in the game. The tech giant’s new offering–Cloud for Nonprofit–is geared toward the nonprofit landscape and will include the Liberty Township startup as an independent service vendorSureImpact offers software that measures the impact of philanthropy through two SaaS licensing models. Impact is about how many people an organization serves as well as community health factors such as wage increases, employment, health outcomes, and housing.

Stemming prison recidivism with tech

LOUIS, MO—Studies show that 83% of prison parolees will be rearrested within ten years. One startup is trying to change this stat from the inside out by using education.Unlocked Labsis a nonprofit that employs a team of incarcerated software developers who are building nonprofit, open-source technology to make high-quality education more accessible to incarcerated individuals. Studies show that incarcerated individuals who participate in prison education programs are 43 percent less likely to return to prison than those who did not enroll.

Tech company directed at aid for Syrian refugees acquired

DURHAM, NC—On the topic of tech for good, startup NeedsList, which started as a B2C “registry for human aid for Syrian refugees” has been acquired by Armillaria, a tech company in Portland, OR. NeedsList will be part of a larger suite of tools around impact. According a release from Armillaria, “The acquisition of NeedsList is a testament to what we believe is the future of tech-for-good. Rather than prioritizing the formation of new ventures, we must adopt and adapt what’s already working in order to significantly increase the speed and scale at which we can collectively create change.”

Startup secures safe housing for clients’ pets

KANSAS CITY, MO—OK one more! Startup BestyBnB is a finalist for Purina’s 2024 Pet Care Innovation Prize. The startup, founded by Andy Bond and Matt Krentz, bridges the gap between human social services and animal welfare organizations by securing safe housing for clients’ pets when they can’t care for them due to challenges. Nearly 150 companies from around the world applied for the 2024 Pet Care Innovation Prize.