Startup uses AI to help students with dyslexia | Talk about a captive audience!

Startup uses AI to help students with dyslexia

PITTSBURGH, PA—A new platform is tailored to address challenges people with dyslexia face., launched by Scott Sosso a decade after his son was diagnosed with the learning disability, uses AI to give students a personalized learning tool. The platform is still technically in beta mode, but it is now open to paid subscribers for a $15 per user, per month fee.

Video signage in a restroom near you

ST. LOUIS, MO—Talk about a captive audience!isite mediahas developed a unique platform for brands who want to reach a targeted audience at live sports and entertainment venues: a technologically advanced LED video signage network that resides in venue restrooms. The units are installed over urinals in men’s restrooms and in the hand drying area of women’s restrooms.

Niron Magnetics to receive $33M in new funding

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Niron Magnetics is receiving $33 million in new funding from GM and Stellantis. The startup, launched by an electrical engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, is known for its work in permanent magnet technology, which uses iron nitride derived from rust as an alternative to rare-earth elements.

Dirac Labs wins Elevator Pitch Olympics

MADISON, WI—The winner of this year’s Elevator Pitch Olympics help by the Wisconsin Technology Council is Dirac Labs, a company that is developing “quantum sensors” that can detect tiny changes in the planet’s gravitational field to find hidden deposits of valuable minerals. The sensors can be used to find critical battery metals like lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt and precious metals and minerals like gold, silver and diamond.