SuperDispatch adds SuperPay | X-ray taken in zero-g | Arrive Health uses AI

Sheyna Gifford and Mike Cairnie at Zero-G.

Photo: Steve Boxall/Zero Gravity
Sheyna Gifford and Mike Cairnie took an x-ray image in zero gravity.

SuperDispatch launches new digital payment app

KANSAS CITY, MO–SuperDispatch, a Kansas City-based car shipping platform, launched SuperPay, an integrated and automated payment feature within the SuperDispatch platform, that uses a combination of ACH transfer capabilities paired with an intermediary digital wallet, allowing shippers to pay carriers in as little as one business day. SuperPay eliminates the need for fragmented payment systems and streamlines the accounting process, the company said. Incorporating Digital Delivery Verification, SuperPay gives brokers and shippers a 48-hour window to place a payment on hold while confirming that the correct vehicles were picked up from and delivered to the right locations. This reduces the need to verify every delivery manually and allows users to only manage exceptions.

Arrive Health adds AI virtual assistant and patient management to keep prescription costs down

DENVER, CO–Arrive Health, provider of real-time benefit tools and integrated solutions that improve patient affordability, announced the acquisition of a suite of patient engagement and automation technologies developed by UPMC Enterprises and the UPMC Pharmacy Network. Denver-based Arrive Health will add AI-driven virtual assistant technology and a patient management system, expanding support for more than 200 million patients. The combined assets will empower providers, care teams and patients with shared clinical and cost information.

Lower creates Mortgage-as-a-Service offering

COLUMBUS, OH–Lower, a home-ownership and mortgage platform, launched a new Mortgage-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that allows consumer brands to offer mortgage products to their customers. After piloting the service, Opendoor, an e-commerce platform for residential real estate transactions, moved its mortgage fulfillment to Columbus-based Lower exclusively. Through the MaaS platform, Lower created a solution for consumer finance, banking and real-estate brands to offer a digital-first home financing experience quickly and easily, with white-label options available. It can be embedded into the partner’s customer journey through API and no-code solutions.

X-ray image taken in zero gravity with MinXray machine

NORTHBROOK, IL–The Diagnostic Ultra-portable X-ray for Space (DUXS) program achieved liftoff late last year by successfully obtaining medical diagnostic radiographic images in zero-gravity conditions. True weightlessness, which was required for this study, was accomplished by reserving space in a multi-parabolic flight provided by Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) in G-FORCE ONE, a specially modified Boeing 727.

Two researchers partnered with Northbrook-based MinXray, a supplier of portable, compact digital imaging equipment. An image of a hand provided the first conclusive evidence that medical-quality diagnostic X-rays can be quickly and simply obtained in microgravity.

Mutare joins Telnyx with spam call solution

CHICAGO, IL–Mutare, a Chicago-based provider of enterprise solutions for Voice Threat Defense, announced a partnership with Telnyx, a global connectivity platform that provides carrier-grade communications services. Telnyx customers will be able to improve the security of their voice channel by removing unwanted voice traffic, including robocalls, spam calls, spam storms, spoof calls, vishing attacks and social engineering calls. The tool includes a STIR/SHAKEN filter, proprietary dynamic database filter, threat radar and voice CAPTCHA verification. It also allows users to create customized rules to leverage their own blocklists and sets of call handling and filtering actions for inbound and outbound calls.