UofL gets big security grant | Indiana teachers learn tech | Capacity named one of 10 Hottest AI startups

XR Technologies to help teachers learn to teach tech to kids in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, IN–Indianapolis-based XR Technologies is working to address the need for more tech-savvy teachers in Indiana by accelerating the certification to teach technology. It’s starting with math teachers.

“Technology is fundamentally worthless unless you understand the process of a sector that is in need of disruption,” said Dr. Kevin Berkopes, CEO and founder of XR Technologies. In May, XR Technologies got approval from the Indiana Board of Education to offer its licensure program for math teachers. Other areas of study will be added in the future.

University of Louisville pioneering research with help of NSA grant

LOUISVILLE, KY–Thanks to $8.3 million from the National Security Agency’s National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity, the University of Louisville and its multidisciplinary Digital Transformation Center are developing the next generation of cybersecurity tools and professionals to prevent future cyberattacks and keep information safe. Adel Elmaghraby, co-principal investigator for the NSA project and professor in the Speed School of Engineering, leads a research collaboration with Mississippi-based, historically Black institution Alcorn State University to conduct pioneering research on haptic movements for security, an extra layer of security on top of passwords.

Global cybersecurity and fintech company announces U.S. HQ will be in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, AR–Global cybersecurity provider Sequretek announced the opening of its U.S. headquarters in The Little Rock Technology Park, citing the innovative technology focus, talent access and growth-friendly business environment as top reasons, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission announced. Based in India, the company plans to hire 50 new positions in Little Rock over the next three years, 90 percent of which will pay six-figure salaries.

Capacity named one of the 10 Hottest AI Startups of 2022 by CRN

ST. LOUIS, MO–Based in St. Louis, Capacity brings conversational AI to a support automation platform for the technology stack. CRM named it one of the 10 Hottest Startups of 2022, the only Fast Future-based company on the list. In January, the company reported an additional $27 million in series C financing, closing out the round at more than $38 million. As of that report, Capacity had raised more than $62 million.