TECH WINS: Making St. Louis a security innovation hub | New tech park planned for Kansas City

ST. LOUIS, MO—The U.S. Department of Defense is making St. Louis a Midwest hub for national security innovation. It has tapped Jake Laktas, a co-founder of national security-focused startup nanoMetallix LLC, based in St. Louis, to be the regional director of the National Security Innovation Network (NISN).

TULSA, OK—ClearSign Technologies, a company that develops emission-control tech, will be moving its headquarters from Seattle to Tulsa, citing strategic and business development benefits. The Tulsa Regional Chamber says that ClearSign’s oil and gas industry tech makes the city an ideal location for the company.

KANSAS CITY, MO—A new technology park is coming to KC. Called Golden Plains Technology Park, it will include three zones featuring data center facilities that will support the growing demands of data, cloud and other hosting services. The project is also estimated to bring in billions of dollars in investment, more than the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport.

PITTSBURGH, PA—The Pittsburgh Penguins and CGI are teaming up to launch the first Tech Academy for Pittsburgh-area students. The academy will provide an opportunity for up to 100 students to participate in an immersive “in-the-field” experience.