Schuster goes high-tech | Parascript innovates in NLP | KeyLogic gets huge DOE contract

Schuster adds E-SMART to its 400 trucks for safety

LE MARS, IA–Schuster Co., a transportation solutions leader based in Le Mars, Iowa, and E-SMART, a leading advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and intelligent speed assistance (ISA) provider, have announced a collaboration to bring E-SMART technology to Schuster’s fleet of more than 400 trucks. E-SMART’s active, real-time speed control decreases speeding events by up to 88 percent. The E-SMART solution uses GPS technology to determine vehicle location to actively manage its maximum allowed speed, provide real-time safety alerts, and identify known hazard areas such as low-clearance bridges. Fleets using the E-SMART technology report a significant decrease in speed-related infringements and accidents, and an extensive savings among toll-related fines.

Parascript innovates NLP for unstructured document automation

LONGMONT, CO–Parascript, a software company based in Colorado, has developed innovative natural language processing (NLP) technology that finds data by analyzing context within a document. Intelligent capture has commonly been used to automate structured and semi-structured documents, but NLP can assist with automatically locating and extracting data from complex unstructured documents, even if the desired information is phrased in diverse ways. Parascript uses NLP within the boundaries of intelligent document processing (IDP) as part of the data location and extraction process, turning unstructured data into structured data (standardized output) for use in other systems. Applying this technique to modern IDP solutions opens the door to full automation of complex document processes.

Equature releases new automated transcription tool for public safety agencies

SOUTHFIELD, MI–Equature has released its automated transcription service built directly into its recording software, built specifically for public safety. Equature’s transcription automatically transcribes all audio captured by its recording system and aligns it with the call to easily listen and follow along throughout the transcription. Equature Transcription is a first-of-its-kind transcription and full-text search engine. It provides automated transcription of audio from 9-1-1 calls, radio transmissions, Equature Armor Body-worn Camera video, and any other form of media captured within the Equature recording system. Once transcribed, all written text is searchable within the system.

KeyLogic awarded $99 million DOE contract

MORGANTOWN, WV–KeyLogic Systems, a leading analytics, IT transformation and research and engineering firm, has been awarded a prime contract from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE), National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) for strategic analysis support services. The five-year contract is initially valued at $99 million. NETL is one of the 17 national laboratories operated by DOE and focuses on America’s economic prosperity through its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through foundational science and transformative technology solutions. KeyLogic will provide support to NETL in various technical areas for strategic systems analysis, laboratory-wide strategic planning, program planning and strategic partnerships. KeyLogic will help laboratory personnel assess novel energy technology, create and enhance energy models, develop sponsorships and partnerships, and oversee technology transfer.

Ford Foundation invests in Appalachian business

CHRISTIANSBURG, VA–The Ford Foundation announced an additional $10 million investment in Appalachian Community Capital (ACC), a central bank for community development lenders that increases the availability of capital to small businesses to spur job creation and economic growth in the 13-state Appalachian region. Following an initial investment in 2015, the Ford Foundation is increasing its support to further the economic enrichment of local communities in the rural Midwest and South, including coal-dependent areas. To date, ACC has deployed $26 million in leveraged debt and $5.5 million in grants, financing 110 small businesses, which has helped generate or sustain more than 2,000 jobs, nearly half of which are filled by low-income individuals. The Ford Foundation’s additional ACC infusion is anticipated to attract additional capital from the private sector and support the financing of 400 small businesses and 1,000 new jobs.