PUDDLE HOPS: Turning sewer gas into hydrogen fuel | New tech incubator in Tulsa

Turning sewer gas into hydrogen fuel

COLUMBUS, OH—A research associate at The Ohio State University is partnering on a study that seeks to turn hydrogen sulfide – more commonly called “sewer gas” – into hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen sulfide is emitted from manure piles and sewer pipes and is a key byproduct of industrial activities, including refining oil and gas, producing paper and mining.

Tulsa opens technology incubator

TULSA, OK—The city of Tulsa and 36 Degrees North just unveiled their new technology incubator: 50,000 square feet of space filled with chairs, desks and meeting areas for new companies and technology startups. The new space, which is already 60% occupied, will house about 30 businesses at full capacity.

Freight Rail Innovation Institute

PITTSBURGH, PA—Technology provider Wabtec Corp. is partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to create a Freight Rail Innovation Institute. The partnership will allow Wabtec to tap into the school’s capabilities in engineering, AI, battery tech and robotics to help reduce emissions, improve network utilization and safety, and create jobs.

Inmates to Entrepreneurs

RALEIGH, NC—Inmates to Entrepreneurs is an organization that helps people overcome the stigma of a criminal background through entrepreneurship. On September 28, the organization will begin hosting a free, 8-week virtual course for anyone with a criminal background who has started or is interested in starting their own business.