PUDDLE HOPS: Pittsburgh heads to cloud; home security tech, machine learning and highways

Pittsburgh and Google Cloud

Pittsburgh is partnering with Google Cloud to migrate its legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud. The migration will happen in three phases and should take about a year.

Academy helps device companies

An Indianapolis-based company called Greenlight Guru Academy has created an online educational platform for helping medical device companies through their regulatory and product development challenges.

Home security tech

Technology startup PassiveBolt, located in Ann Arbor, had already gained attention for its Shepherd Lock, which uses smartphones in place of traditional keys and a cloud-based platform to keep users updated on home security. The second generation Shepherd Lock, which adds facial recognition and touch access, won a CES innovation award in 2021.

Machine learning and local highways

Pittsburgh-based startup Allvision will use computer vision and machine learning to create a 3D digital representation of local highways in order to identify missing signs or dangerous gaps in the guardrails.

NASA uses St. Louis-developed drill sensor

NASA has selected scientists at Washington University in St. Louis to build a rover-mounted drill sensor to quantify the 3D distribution of water at the moon’s south pole.