Puddle Hops: Organ regeneration, an U.S. Air Force innovation hubs, augmented reality

Dayton named Air Force innovation hub

The U.S. Air Force has designated Dayton, OH, as an innovation digital hub. Dayton, is already home to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Organ regeneration

LyGenesis, a Pittsburgh-based biotechnology company has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance to move forward on its novel approach to creating working liver tissue in patients in lieu of transplants. A Phase 2a clinical trial is scheduled for this year for the novel therapy for end-stage liver disease.

Help for kids with ADHD

The Ohio State University researchers are working on a way to gauge the severity of behavioral problems in children with ADHD. They are using computational psychiatry – comparing a computer-simulated model of normal brain processes to dysfunctional processes observed in tests – to supplement to the diagnostic process for ADHD.

Augmented reality for students during COVID

Ann Arbor’s BrandXR, which offers a no-code platform for building immersive XR experiences, is collaborating with Wayne State University to launch a technology that helps medical and chemistry students learn amid COVID-19.

An app for vacationers

LeanTECHniques, an Iowa-based software company, collaborated with Iowa State University’s Department of Computer Science to create an app that uses augmented reality to store and display information for vacation renters. The app allows guests to point the camera at something, like a sauna or grill, and will get instructions and information.