PUDDLE HOPS: A new way to deliver pancreatic cancer drugs, food innovation

A new way to deliver cancer drugs

Researchers with the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center and North Dakota State University have designed a new way to deliver pancreatic cancer drugs that targets tumors more effectively while avoiding danger to other parts of the body.

Food science expertise

Saint Louis University has announced a partnership with Deli Star Corporation that will provide students with opportunities to discover new and better ways of innovating food products that promote healing through human nutrition. The research will focus on the five fields of food-science expertise: Food Microbiology, Food Engineering & Processing, Food Chemistry & Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Sensory Analysis.

UK breaks ground on research campus

Representatives from the University of Kentucky, the Woodbury Corporation and state and local official broke ground on a $15 million development on the Coldstream Research Campus that will become a home for early stage, high-tech companies from across Kentucky.

Tech for high-pressure gas storage 

Tulsa, OK, is home to startup Infinite Composites, a pioneering company that designs, develops and manufactures vessels for high-pressure gas storage that are increasingly in demand for aerospace, aviation, and med-tech applications. You can read about the company’s journey here.

Fast Future tech in the Perseverance Rover

The Perseverance Rover carries a lot of tech developed in Fast Future country. Case Western Reserve University alumna Katie Colbaugh, a crystal growth manager at photonics tech company Gooch & Housego, was instrumental in growing crystals for the rover’s SuperCam.

The state of Minnesota’s economy

Minnesota’s BETA helps early stage technology founders learn and grow together. You can watch their annual event, which covers Minnesota’s economic picture, by clicking here.