PANDEMIC REPORT: Cancer and COVID | In-home saliva test | Improving air quality

Novel cancer platform could treat SARS-CoV-2

MADISON, WI—Nanotechnology startup Nano RED formed when its founders sought to discover a new method of treating cancer. During the COVID crisis, they discovered  their novel platform could also prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2.

In-home saliva test

LAWRENCE, KANSAS—Researchers at the University of Kansas are looking to place an in-home, saliva-based testing unit for COVID-19 on the commercial market. The team will present documentation to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later this year to seek emergency authorization. Funding for the research was provided by National Institutes of Health.

Immune system memory and COVID

EVANSTON, IL—At their lab at Northwestern University, anthropologist Dr. Thomas McDade and his co-researchers are studying antibodies and COVID, saying the body’s backup immune system remembers the virus.

Improving air quality

KANSAS CITY, MO—This article highlights KC Digital Drive’s Air Quality Sensor Project, which is focused on reducing air pollution in COVID-19 hot beds and improving overall air quality using citizen-accessible data and sensors.