Minneapolis startup may help PTSD

NightWare, a Minneapolis startup, is re-imagining how to provide mental health support. In January, The Observer ranked NightWare #3 in its list of the 20 Hottest Health Start-Ups in “Fast Future Tech” at the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

(Machine) learning about you

NightWare is an application that lives on an Apple Watch and using sensors and machine learning, helps people suffering from traumatic nightmares get more restful sleep.

The watch monitors heart rate during sleep. A gyroscope and accelerometer, similar to fitness watches, monitor movement. Then, according to their website, “the watch will vibrate enough to interrupt the nightmare, without waking the wearer.”

The primary focus of the application is for people with PTSD. CEO Grady Hannah said that nightmare disorders, which are common with people who have anxiety and depression associated with PTSD, can increase suicide chances five times.