Madison, WI: The most caring city in the US?

What makes a city great? Low cost of living? Low unemployment? Those are certainly at the top of the list. But to get the best idea of how great a city is, you have to look beyond the numbers. Well, sort of.

WalletHub analyzed the 100 biggest US cities based on 36 kindness metrics that fell into one of three categories: caring for the community (e.g., percentage of residents who do favors for their neighbors at least once a week), caring for the vulnerable (e.g., percentage of homeless persons with shelters), and caring in the workforce (e.g., number of special-education teachers per school-age person with disabilities).

While none of the cities got a perfect score (100), Madison, WI, came up on top with a 68.73 score. The city also claimed the top spot in the “caring in the workforce” category, which includes metrics like residents who work in community and social services per capita, physicians per capita, and mental health counselors per capita.

You can find out more about the methodology used and see the main findings of the analysis here.