Israeli firms eye the Midwest

Historically, Israeli firms have expanded their funding and talent needs to New York City or Silicon Valley in order to build a global business. When COVID-19 hit, that all changed. Now, according to an article in Forbes, Israeli firms have shifted their attention to under-the-radar tech hub cities. Two of the cities mentioned in the article are Tulsa and Cleveland.


Tulsa has positioned itself as a center for virtual health, energy tech, drones, cyber, and analytics. It also created Tulsa Remote as an approach to attracting talented remote workers. Another bonus is the University of Tulsa, one of the largest feeder programs to Homeland Security and the NSA. Tulsa-based Atento Capital has already invested in two high-profile Israeli-focused venture firms, Team8 and Hanaco Ventures. both committing to exposing their startups to the growing tech talent in Tulsa.


With the Cleveland Clinic, the city has become a health tech powerhouse by turning scientific discoveries into commercial products. It also has an active VC community, according to Forbes; one that is “focused on Midwest innovation, hungry entrepreneurs, and support from the local government.” That makes the city worth considering for Israeli founders.”

Keep your eyes on the Midwest!