HealthTech: The new bionic arm | 3D medical imaging software | Detecting stress and sadness

  • CLEVELAND, OH—A Cleveland Clinic-led international research team have engineered a new type of bionic arm. This one enables a patient to send nerve impulses from the brain to the prosthetic when the patient wants to use or move it, and to receive physical information from the environment and relay it back to the brain through the nerves.

  • BELOIT, WI—The federal Department of Energy has awarded $37 million to NorthStar Medical Technologies to increase commercial production of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), which decays into an isotope used to detect cancer, heart disease and other conditions..

  • DURHAM, NCGradient Health has developed a web browser-based 3D medical image software that uses machine learning to help radiologists with their workflow and can help trim their labeling time in half. Medical data traditionally is difficult to access, which can delay research projects by 8 months to a year. 

  • KANSAS CITY, KSDepression and sadness associated with chronic loneliness and dementia is very common. A memory health startup called Telememory, LLC has developed a digital companion called MoodSpark, which is geared towards seniors and can detect patterns of stress and sadness. The device can respond to one’s mood and improve it by using personalized conversational queues and video visits from family and friends, as well as content suggestions designed to spark emotional memory recall.