Fueling the Future: Funding for biotech, SaaS solutions, and a big AI investment from Kroger

  • St. Louis biotech startup C2N Diagnostics has secured roughly $2.2 million in funding from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to advance “clinical validation and deployment” of its Alzheimer’s blood test, PrecivityAD.
  • Black-owned case management platform Courtroom5 has raised $20,000 in equity. The Durham-based “end-to-end legal toolbox” attracted five investors in this funding round.
  • Software-as-a-service startup Fulcrum, headquartered in Minneapolis, has raised $3.1 million in seed round funding. The company helps small to midsize manufacturers optimize their workflow and improve efficiency.
  • Kroger, based in downtown Cincy, has partnered with AI company Everseen. The idea is to reduce errors in the checkout process, especially self-checkout. Kroger plans to have the tech available in 2,500 stores across the US.