Video tech | Calif. company leans on Ann Arbor for AI | Fintech

Tech ties in virtual home tours through yard sign

KEARNEY, MO—VideoFizz started out as a video greeting car app. Now the company is focusing its efforts on real estate. The company’s newest offering lets real estate agents create virtual home tours that tie into the physical sign in front of the house. Each sign features a shortened website link that potential buyers can visit to watch the virtual tour.

A new kind of greeting card

KANSAS CITY, MO—VideoFizz is not the only company embracing video in new ways. Hallmark has created a way for people to send greeting cards with personalized video. You can also add music and photos that Hallmark will stitch together into one video.

California company leans on Ann Arbor for AI

ANN ARBOR, MI—California-based KLA, which develops equipment and services for the manufacturing of semiconductors, announced the official opening of its second headquarters in Ann Arbor. This will be home to the company’s AI Center of Excellence, where machine learning applications help advance semiconductor manufacturing. The $200 million facility has a locally based leadership team and more than 300 employees.

Investment products that use AI 

CINCINNATI, OH—Earlier this year, we interviewed Bo Howell, CEO of Joot, a company that offers automated compliance tools for SEC-registered investment advisors. Joot has just partnered with London-based startup MySocialPulse on a new suite of investment products that uses AI.