Torch.AI tapped to deliver AI ecosystem to U.S. Navy | A tire sourced from guayule plant

Torch.AI tapped to deliver AI ecosystem for warfighting naval forces

LEAWOOD, KS–Torch.AI, a data infrastructure AI company, announced the U.S. Navy has awarded a new five-year agreement to provide next-generation AI and data infrastructure software capabilities for the U.S. Navy’s Digital Warfare Office. The new ecosystem is designed to equip the Navy to better operate and maintain its operational fleet across a complex, siloed IT environment including cloud compute, storage, hardware and cloud edge devices used for data lakes at unclassified, secret, and top-secret levels.

New tire made of rubber sourced from plant

NASHVILLE, TN–Bridgestone Americas introduced a domestically sourced racing tire to IndyCar: It’s made from a natural rubber sourced from a guayule plant, a desert-shrub-like crop that grows well in the Southwest. The tire is a more sustainable product and will also help to decrease supply chain issues for the U.S.

Universities in Fast Future Cities launch semiconductor network

Fast Future COUNTRY–Last week, we covered the newly passed CHIPs bill and how it would affect Fast Future cities. Now, 12 Midwest institutions have launched a semiconductor-focused network called the Midwest Regional Network to Address National Needs in Semiconductor and Microelectronics. The collaborative will leverage existing research, curricular and experiential learning programs to increase innovation in semiconductor and microelectronics.