Shopping with a virtual cart | Ohio’s Genetesis founders recognized by Forbes

Shopping with a virtual cart

KANSAS CITY, MO–A store in Kansas City is testing a new technology that lets customers shop with a virtual cart. You swipe your credit or debit card, and the gates will open. Once in the store, anything you pick up from the shelves will be added to your virtual cart, anything you put back will be taken out of your virtual cart. Then you can just walk out of the store without going through the checkout.

Ohio’s Genetesis founders recognized by Forbes

MASON, OH–The founders of medtech startup Genetesis were recently featured in Forbes’ ’30 under 30’ rising stars. The co-founders of the company–Vineet Erasala, 26, Manny Setegn, 26, and Peeyush Shrivastava, 26–developed a biomagnetic imaging tool called CardioFlux that can rapidly scan for various heart conditions without the use of radiation, contrast, or exercise. Here’s an interview with Shrivastava about the company and its tech.

AI-driven studio will automate the social media creation process

CINCINNATI, OH– is a first-of-its-kind AI-driven design studio that says it will automate the marketing and social media creation process. Founder Paul Ehlinger, a former Allos Ventures investor, says that, in just a few clicks based on a typed description, the platform will allow users to create a Facebook or Instagram post. Flamel generates the text and image at the same time, creating an original image pixel-by-pixel using latent diffusion models.

St. Louis may be center of soilless farming

ST. LOUIS, MO–Indoor, soilless farming (also known as hydroponic farming) has the potential to supplement the U.S. food system and help alleviate food deserts. The St. Louis region was identified as the ideal base for these endeavors in the newest World Wildlife Fund analysis, due to its relevant science expertise in plant science, agtech, and bioscience, along with strong potential partners including universities, foundations, and grocery chains.