Real-time data for autonomous vehicles | University of Oklahoma & clean energy site renewal

University of Oklahoma team leads DOE clean energy site renewal

OKLAHOMA–A Department of Energy project called Wells of Opportunity: ReAmplify aims to extract geothermal energy from four well sites around the U.S., not only to repurpose old gas and oil sites but also to transition workers into clean energy jobs. One of the four site projects is led by Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Oklahoma Saeed Salehi. He says of the $8.4 million project, “The beauty is that this is a constant source of energy which is not going to change. It’s probably going to be [there] forever, as long as your well is functioning.”

Learning manufacturing skills

MILWAUKEE, WI–The Wisconsin Formula Student USA Project helps high school students learn the intricacies of what makes an Indy car work. The students develop engineering and tech skills vital to manufacturers, such as laser cutting, welding, machining, fiber-glassing and design using CAD, Solidworks, and Fusion 360 programs.

Teens create sustainability app

BLOOMINGTON HILLS, MI–Speaking of over-achievers, two teens from Cranbrook Kingswood School have won a global competition—against thousands of competitors from the U.S. and around the world–for an app that focuses on solving sustainability issues. The MVMNT app helps users discover eco-friendly businesses, connect with local environmental organizations, and also shop for sustainable products.

Announcing the Aurora Beacon platform

PITTSBURGH, PA–Autonomous vehicle technology company Aurora Innovation has developed the Aurora Beacon platform, a cloud-based fleet management system designed to allow customers to optimize operations of autonomous vehicles for 24/7/365 operation. The company says that with Beacon, customers will have access to real-time data of each Aurora Driver-powered vehicle, including its health, status, and current location. The system will also provide real-time alerts about vehicle status, ETA, traffic conditions, updates to missions, and major weather events.