Proactive robots | Breaking down greenhouse gases

Robots making real-time decisions

ROLLA, MO—Currently, robots are reactive. That is, they don’t use information to make real-time decisions. A researcher at the Missouri University of Science and Technology is working on both hardware and software that could enable a robot’s camera to take dozens of pictures per second; compile that into a 3D model; and then use that information to make a decision on what to do next.

Iowa State finds way to break down greenhouse gas

AMES, IA—Greenhouse gases have gotten a reputation for heating up the planet, so much so that the EPA has proposed new standards to curb those emissions. But researchers at Iowa State University may have found a solution. The researchers have unlocked a way to break one powerful greenhouse gas down into safer chemicals and keep it out of the atmosphere.

New companies join Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio

COLUMBUS, OH—Seven new companies have entered Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio. These companies include CoolYield Labs, which is developing a 100% solar-driven air conditioner; Mastery Portfolio, which produces web-based tools for teachers; and Metactix, a gaming and esports software company.

App offers same-day delivery from local shops

KANSAS CITY, MO—There’s no denying the convenience of Amazon, unless you want to buy local. Enter afloat, a gifting app that allows users to pick out items from their local shops to be packaged and delivered either same day or the next day to the recipient. The gifting app is the brainchild of Sarah-Allen Preston, Laura McKnight and Olivia Lynn.