PIT tests ‘teleoperated’ cars | Smart watch app aims to reduce nightmares

Pittsburgh International Airport tests “teleoperated” cars

PITTSBURGH, PA–“Teleoperated” cars remotely driven by a person miles away are on the roads at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). Tech startup Mapless AI is testing the vehicles on roadways and passenger curbs as the airport’s xBridge innovation program’s latest partner. How it works: PIT’s parking lot summons Mapless’ car (a Kia hatchback) with an app, and an operator in downtown Pittsburgh connected to the vehicle via commercial cellular networks drives it to that person’s exact location. The person gets in and drives manually to the terminal. After he or she gets out, the remote operator again takes over and guides the car to a temporary location where it waits for the next call.

Smart watch app aims to reduce nightmares in those with PTSD

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–Three-year-old tech startup NightWare has developed a digital therapeutic platform for the smart watch that is designed to reduce the effects of traumatic nightmares associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. The company’s smartwatch application collects biometric data through integrated sensors and uses machine learning algorithms to create a profile of an individual’s sleep patterns. Then it detects and pinpoints the onset point of a patient’s nightmare and disrupts it through haptic feedback.

Consultancy tries to ensure accessible websites

ST. LOUIS, MO–Beautiful website designs are not always accessible or functional for users with disabilities. For businesses, this could pose big problems as well: The total number of lawsuits filed in federal courts alleging that plaintiffs with a disability could not use websites because they were not designed to be accessible and/or work with assistive technologies in 2021 was 2,895–372 more than 2020. Founded in 2019, technology consultancy Nebula Media Group provides digital accessibility services and works with companies to ensure accessibility on several digital components, including websites, social media posts and podcasts.