New tech for sealing air ducts | Omaha mom develops child care app

Image by iJeab for Shutterstock

Image by iJeab for Shutterstock

New tech for sealing air ducts

DAYTON, OH–Heating and cooling residences and businesses accounted for 13% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Leaky air ducts and walls are the largest reason for wasted energy. Dayton-based startup Aeroseal offers a technology that can seal air ducts without cutting into a wall. If you’re mechanically inclined, the tech is akin to using Fix-a-Flat.

The Cincinnati Innovation District helps Cincy startup launch data product

CINCINNATI, OH–Datirium is a Cincy startup that is using resources within the Cincinnati Innovation District (CID) to launch a product that could help solve data analysis issues for researchers and increase treatments related to various diseases or medical conditions. The startup’s signature product is a platform they call SciDAP, Scientific Data Analysis Platform, which allows scientists to quickly perform routine data analyses to visualize and expedite high throughput biological data processing.

Omaha mom develops child care app

OMAHA, NE–Swishboom is a mobile app for quickly finding child care that was created by–who else?–a mom. Kellee Mikuls launched Swishboom in 2020 so that families could connect with babysitters. Once a job is posted, it is usually claimed within five minutes. Most sitters are in college, while some are stay-at-home moms looking to make extra income. The app has a five-step verification process for sitters, which includes making reference calls, checking sex offender registries, checking social media, performing a name and email check, and calling potential sitters to discuss the app’s standards. Swishboom currently has 6,000 subscribers in Omaha.