Need a lead vocalist? | AI-driven robot will build adobe walls

Need a lead vocalist?

KENOSHA, WI–Tech startup VocaTone Studio has created a novel piece of tech that allows musicians and other content creators to access an electronic vocalist. Maghni AI, the AI voice-synching tech, lets you select a singer library, draw a note, type in the lyrics, and press play to get singing straight from your computer. Maghni AI uses an advanced algorithmic AI based on hundreds of hours of training data captured from real professional singers.

AI-driven robot will build adobe walls

BLOOMINGTON, IN–Startup Terran Robotics may have one solution to the nation’s affordable housing crisis: a construction process that uses the cheaper and more available adobe building material to create walls. The company is using a grant from the NSF’s Technology and Partnerships initiative to fuel a new AI robotics-driven robot that can create walls from a mixture of clay-rich mud, straw, and limestone slurry. Simplifying the construction process will allow developers to build quicker and at a lower cost.

3D-printed house for sale in Tampa Bay

STANTON, IA–Speaking of lowering housing costs, an Iowa-based company called Alquist 3D is using 3D printing to create a home’s structure while cutting down on the amount of material waste by about 95%. Robotic arms from the 3D printer layer concrete to create the home’s structure. The first 3D-printed home is now up for sale in Tampa Bay, Florida.