GPS-driven scavenger hunt | Connecting employers to disabled job candidates

GPS-driven scavenger hunt

RAYMORE, MO–Want to get your family out of the house for a fun excursion? Jeff VanDeusen, the owner of four-year-old startup VanDeusen Innovations, has created a GPS-driven scavenger hunt device called Scavenger Tech. Scavenger Tech’s adventure box uses GPS technology to track users’ proximity to pre-set locations along a planned excursion path. As users visit each point along the path, an LED light on the side of the box illuminates, indicating it can be opened.

Connecting employers to disabled job candidates

ST. LOUIS, MO–Letisha Wexstten, the founder of V15able, has created an online platform that connects employers to disabled job candidates. Wexstten, who was born without arms, launched the company in 2019 out of her own experience in trying to find work as a disabled candidate. The platform lets disabled workers create profiles that detail their disabilities, qualifications, and accommodations they need to do their jobs. Companies that want to receive access to job candidates pay a subscription to access the platform.