CA agtech company relocates to Indy | St. Louis and geospatial tech | Remote work in Chattanooga

CA agtech company relocates to Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, IN–Agrobioscience company Intelinair celebrated the grand opening of the company’s new headquarters in Indianapolis, which will support up to 100 new, high-wage jobs by the end of 2025. The company, founded in 2014, was previously based in Pasadena, California, and is relocating its headquarters to Indianapolis to be closer to its customer base, join the city’s tech industry, and tap into the area’s base of agtech talent.

Taylor Geospatial Institute launches

ST. LOUIS, MO–Leaders from St. Louis’ business, civic, academic, and governmental communities celebrated the launch of the Taylor Geospatial Institute, a first-of-its-kind institution that brings together eight leading research institutions to collaborate on research into geospatial technology. The establishment of the Institute implements one of the key components of the GeoFutures Strategic Roadmap, the St. Louis region’s plan to become the world’s geospatial center in the next decade.

Graphene and next-gen electronics

ANN ARBOR, MI–A research team at the University of Michigan has developed the first reliable, scalable method for growing single layers of hexagonal boron nitride on graphene. The discovery could speed research into the next generation of electronics and LED devices.

Bill introduced to make Ohio epicenter for advanced mobility

OHIO–To further the plans to make Ohio the epicenter for advanced air mobility, a lawmaker is proposing a slate of bills that would establish a “highway system” for unmanned aerial vehicles. The bills, to be introduced by Ohio Rep. Adam Holmes, who chairs the House’s Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee, will focus on the regulatory framework around flight paths based on the airspace above existing state highways and roadways.

The pandemic normalized remote work

CHATTANOOGA, TN–The pandemic normalized remote work. It’s changed the way companies operate, especially when it comes to hiring. And tech companies outside Silicon Valley have been able to grow because their talent pool has expanded. This article from the New York Times talks to the founder of a data analytics company in Chattanooga about his company’s trajectory since COVID.