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S2-E1: You can't just say, "Because I said so"

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You won't be able to get your team behind data transformation by simply saying "because I said so." You need to say BECAUSE (and how) it will improve your company and customer satisfaction. That data may also point to money lying on the ground for you to pick up. John Clark and Jeremy Willes from Advanced Business Solutions join our host Ben Reno-Weber to explain and provide insight into leveraging data.!

About Our Podcast

In our weekly newsletter, Fast Future covers the people, companies, and institutions driving innovative transformation in our region. We talk to hundreds of modern day pioneers who are doing world class work to drive before.

And, we never cease to be amazed by the creativity we are privileged to see each and every day.

We want you to hear their stories directly.

And so, each episode will bring you fascinating innovators who are pushing the boundaries, whether that’s starting a company from scratch, getting a multi-billion dollar company to reimagine its innovation to improve the quality of life in Americas’ heartland. We see amazing ideas being turned into world changing technologies and companies. We see Fortune 500 companies investing in the future like never industry, or finding new ways to look at emerging technology.

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