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S2-E4: Focus on the Toaster: A Guide to Not Overthinking the Tech You Need

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Big change doesn't have to be that hard — at least according to Aaron Peabody of Untitled Firm. Aaron joins Innovators Podcast host Ben Reno-Weber to explain what is possible with just a standard set of tools, when you've identified the problem. Inspiration for your data and digital transformation strategy is one podcast episode away!

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In our weekly newsletter, Fast Future covers the people, companies, and institutions driving innovative transformation in our region. We talk to hundreds of modern day pioneers who are doing world class work to drive before.

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And so, each episode will bring you fascinating innovators who are pushing the boundaries, whether that’s starting a company from scratch, getting a multi-billion dollar company to reimagine its innovation to improve the quality of life in Americas’ heartland. We see amazing ideas being turned into world changing technologies and companies. We see Fortune 500 companies investing in the future like never industry, or finding new ways to look at emerging technology.

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