Healium weighs in on the InvestMidwest experience

Photo courtesy, InvestMidwest

Sarah Hill is the CEO of Healium, a clinically validated mental fitness channel that uses virtual and augmented reality apps for the self-management of stress and anxiety. She talks about her experience at last year’s InvestMidwest showcase.

How did you come to participate in InvestMidwest?

Hill: I learned about InvestMidwest from another company that attended in a previous year.

What was the experience like?

Hill: We got incredible value out of InvestMidwest and in fact, we picked up investment for our round directly from that event! InvestMidwest exposed us to people outside our networks who can help us move the needle with sales channel partners, investors, and hiring the best talent.

What were the best takeaways/what did you gain by participating?

Hill: Last year, InvestMidWest was virtual so it allowed people who might not have been able to attend in person the opportunity to virtually visit our booth. We gained investment, feedback on our product, and sales channel partners. I would definitely recommend a company raising or looking for feedback on their products to attend InvestMidwest.

InvestMidwest is collaborating with the Midwest Growth Capital Symposium (MGCS) at the University of Michigan for the 2021 Midwest Venture Showcase scheduled for April 27-28, 2021. Panels will include “Why Invest in the Midwest,” “Diversity & Inclusion in Investing,” and “Midwest Unicorns are Real.”

For more information on applying, attending, or sponsoring the Showcase, please visit www.investmidwestforum.com or email Phyllis Ellison (InvestMidwest) or www.midwestgcs.com or Emily Zaycosky (MGCS).