Attacking cyber-crime is resolution #1 this year

Photo by ozrimoz for Shutterstock

As we all know, cyber attacks on businesses are becoming more sophisticated. They are an escalating threat to all innovative, data-driven organizations like yours. Damage to small and medium businesses from ransomware and other new vulnerabilities, such as the recent Log4j breach, has skyrocketed in past years. The timing of the next cyber attack on your organization is no longer an “If” but “when” question.

More, now than ever, it’s all of our business responsibility to proactively work on ways to keep your crucial data and proprietary systems both safe and fully operational. This applies to all strategic business roles and not just the “IT guy.”

Fast Future’s partners at Critical Insight have put together 2 insightful events this month to help you and your business set your 2022 security priorities.

You are invited to attend either or both sessions for free later this month:

January 18th at 3PM EST:  Preparing for the Next Big Global Cyber Event

Join a panel discussion with expert red- and blue- team security experts to learn what you need to prepare, how to build a response, and company-wide coordination on responsibilities when an attack does occur. Go here to learn more and sign up for this free online event.

January 20th at 2PM EST: Hiring and Retaining Cybersecurity Talent

Top talent is crucial to prepare and guide your company through security procedures and cyber events. ManpowerGroup will join Critical Insight to discuss the challenges we face in recruiting top talent in our region along with ways to train and retain employees to keep your company safe and secure. You may learn more and sign up for this free online event here.