COVID’s impact on pregnancy | Omicron-specific booster

Penn State to study COVID’s impact on pregnancy

STATE COLLEGE, PA—The Pennsylvania Department of Health has awarded Penn State College of Medicine $3.9 million through May 2025 to study the impact COVID-19 has on pregnancy. The researchers will conduct a multi-site study to examine the health outcomes for pregnant women and their infants before and after childbirth.

Studying the omicron-specific booster

ST. LOUIS, MO—Washington University School of Medicine is participating in a nationwide clinical trial to determine how effective an omicron-specific booster of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is against current and future variants of COVID-19.

Boosters and hospitalizations

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School and Minnesota EHR Consortium found that COVID-19 boosters are effective in reducing infection and hospitalizations. Specifically, boosters are more beneficial to individuals who are more than 26 weeks out from their second dose or first COVID-19 vaccine booster.