UV light for Alzheimer’s disease | Apps to ease burnout in medical pros

UV light for Alzheimer’s disease

ANN ARBOR, MI–A startup called JustLight has grown from cleaning laundry with UV light to inventing a revolutionary medical device meant to help people living with Alzheimer’s. The device, called Sunflower Rx, automatically adjusts the LED Light output to replicate clinical parameters, delivering precise and effective photobiomodulation treatment for patients with Alzheimer’s.

Apps to ease burnout in medical pros

CHAPEL HILL, NC–It’s no secret that the pandemic accelerated burnout in medical professionals. Staffing shortages meant more work for those who remain. Some startups think that artificial intelligence might be the key to easing the workload burden that drives many to leave the medical profession. One such startup is Keona Health, which offers triage software that helps nurses conduct triage over the phone, guiding them through symptom checking, offering care recommendations, and automating appointment scheduling.

Repairing damage caused by strokes

CINCINNATI, OH–A new study from the University of Cincinnati may help repair damage caused by strokes. The study found a drug called NVG-291-R enables nervous system repair and significant functional recovery in an animal model. Further study and validation will be needed to determine if the drug is effective to repair the damage of ischemic strokes in human patients, but Agnes Luo, PhD, the study’s senior author, told UC News that this could be a substantial breakthrough.

Why is COVID more severe in some people than others?

ROCHESTER, MN–Researchers at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine have discovered key human genomic signatures that could help explain why COVID-19 is severe in some people and mild in others. The study reveals that variants in certain genes can lead to an increase or decrease in protein expression, which might result in elevated COVID-19 susceptibility and severity.